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NBSR Research

The NBSR data set represents a unique opportunity for anonymised research into a large up to date cohort data set. It is the view of BOMSS and the NBSR data committee that approved well structured research projects should be able to access the anonymised data within the registry, for public and patient benefit.

Structured research questions can be addressed to the existing NBSR data set, the data fields of which can be seen in the NBSR report 2010appendix of the current report. This can be done by the anonymised NBSR patient ID number, but additionally the data is in the process of being linked to NHS numbers to provide more detailed pre-op data and up-to-date follow up information.

Potential research questions include:

Long term follow up of early cohorts of patients entered into the NBSR

Outcome differences by surgical operation, pre-op status or UK region

Analysis of complications of UK bariatric surgery or revisional surgery rates

Submission for research project approval and access to the data-set can be made on the following application form.


Research projects on going and publications arising from the NBSR dataset will be listed here.